1st Draft in Progress…

I’m 1700 words into the first draft of story I’ve been kicking around a few months… started making notes way back in April.

I’ve got 4 weeks to get this written, edited, and formatted to make the deadline for where I plan on submitting the story.

I find that letting others know I’m writing motivates me to keep plugging away… feel like I promised others as well as myself I’d get it finished and submitted.


Author: Spencer E Hart

A 40-something nerd who came back to RPGs in 2010 after a nearly decade-long Dark Age. In 2015, after a 22-year gap, I felt compelled to try fiction writing again.

3 thoughts on “1st Draft in Progress…”

    1. Thank you.

      Actually, I think my biggest problem I forsee is that I might exceed the permissible word limit… am trying to figure out if I can possibly eliminate a planned scene, but still get the required information to the protagonist and allow for some time to pass so the “offstage” activities of other characters match up with those of the protagonist. Can’t ride to the rescue unless the bad guys have a head start!


      1. Maybe you should get it all down first then leave it for a day before going back and cutting out the bits which don’t work. Reading it out loud also helps to identify areas that need rewriting or deleting. Good luck with it.


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