Draft at 4400 words and 3/4 done?

Just an update that my draft of “Death on the Moon” is now at about 4400 words.

Finally I have the protagonist arriving at the location where the antagonists are.

Then it needs a brief pursuit, a fight, a search, a little twist, then the wrap-up?

Never realized just how much engineering it took just to get characters in the same place at the same time. Whole chains of things need to be put into place.

How did the protagonist get there?

Why did protagonist want to go there?

How did protagonist learn the bad guys were there?

What made protagonist decide to try to find out where the bad guys were?

and on an on and on…

This doesn’t all need to be on the final page for the reader, but the writer has to have it all figured out.

I’d never have been able to manage it if I hadn’t discovered Jack M. Bickham’s book “Scene and Structure” then discovered his other book “Writing the Short Story.” These two books gave me a method for structuring scenes and arranging scenes into a plot, which is something I badly needed. A “pantser” I am not, apparently.


Author: Spencer E Hart

A 40-something nerd who came back to RPGs in 2010 after a nearly decade-long Dark Age. In 2015, after a 22-year gap, I felt compelled to try fiction writing again.

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