Fiction Fragment

Wrote this a couple months ago:

Devon’s calf strained as held his foot down on the go-pedal and snatched another glimpse in his rear-view mirror. The gaggle of pursuing vehicles was still inching ever-closer to the ancient Chevy he’d salvaged from the abandoned garage.

The engine still coughed and shook, the continuous volley of vibrations hammering up Devon’s spine as he tried to keep on the gleaming modern grid-road that arrowed away from the deserted town behind him in the distance.

Guess the dregs of fuel in those cans were pretty old, he thought. Hoped that additive stuff I found would bring some life back into it. Guess not enough.

The pursuers had no such concerns as old gas. They streaked along on electric motors, continuously recharging themselves from the grid-road in the afternoon sunshine.

The silvery Excela sports-car was leading the pack, followed by a blue-and-yellow traffic interceptor unit. The oddball assortment of porta-taxis, delivery vans, and even a huge long-hauler truck trailed farther back.

Devon stared off at the low mountains ahead of him. If I can just get to the foothills, I can lose ’em. The grid-roads were never extended that far before Doomsday happened.


Military SF Flash Fiction sent off

I’ve just sent a 750-word military SF flash fiction off for submission.

It’s a “grunts on the ground” engagement with an alien thing.

I’m having some trouble locating more markets I think might consider this type of story. So my current list of places to try sending this is … two.

After that I guess I won’t know what to do with it.

Last Week for Cirsova Kickstarter

My story “Death on the Moon” will be published in Cirsova Magazine in 2017, and the kickstarter for preorders / subscriptions is down to the last 7 days.

For only $1 you can get digital copies of both 2017 issues. For $20 you can get softcover copies.

For any other indie authors, publishers, or artists out there, you can get a 1/4 page advertisement for only $35; this includes digital copies of both issues.

Check it out so the magazine can continue into 2018.

Thank you.