My story nominated for a fan award!

My story “Death on the Moon” has been nominated for a Planetary Award!



“Death on the Moon” available 1 September 2017

Just an update that my 1st published story, “Death on the Moon” will  be in issue #6 of Cirsova, on sale on 1 September 2017.

The ebook version is up for preorder on Amazon now:

(click image below)

Last Week for Cirsova Kickstarter

My story “Death on the Moon” will be published in Cirsova Magazine in 2017, and the kickstarter for preorders / subscriptions is down to the last 7 days.

For only $1 you can get digital copies of both 2017 issues. For $20 you can get softcover copies.

For any other indie authors, publishers, or artists out there, you can get a 1/4 page advertisement for only $35; this includes digital copies of both issues.

Check it out so the magazine can continue into 2018.

Thank you.