Tangent Review of “Jeopardy off Jupiter IV”

Back in December, Tangent reviewed the magazine Cirsova #10 in which my story “Jeopardy off Jupiter IV” appeared as the cover story.

Here’s what they said:

Jeopardy Off Jupiter IV” by Spencer E. Hart

The crew of the guard ship Nevada receives a distress signal from another ship, the Masuyo, trying to enter orbit around Jupiter’s moon. Their engines have failed and they require assistance before they drift further into space. Junior Lieutenant Osiris Jackson boards the crippled ship, only to discover that there’s more to the Masuyo’s downed engine and special passenger than meets the eye. I really enjoyed this bit of science fiction. It’s got a little bit of everything that makes a story enjoyable—adventure, an exotic setting, political intrigue, a touch of romance, and danger. The story has something of a 1950’s science fiction flair that was quite nice.

This one was really fun to write.

I’m outlining a series of novellas featuring Osiris and Kimura at the present, and hope to have a couple of them out later in 2019.


“New” Release: “Quest of the Cave Women”

I’ve revived an older story, gotten a new cover, and put it back up on Amazon Kindle Store and Kindle Unlimited.

“A mixture of a lost world that is not what it seems, science-fiction adventure, and a coming of age tale for a teenage cavegirl” (5000 word short story)
The sky glows red – every moment, forever. The Island in the Sea of Fire, surrounded by a boiling lava ocean, shielded by a mysterious barrier. A place where life is a dangerous struggle against savage men and fearsome beasts. In a land without night, The Dark is the most feared thing of all.”

What do people say my writing is like?

What do people say my writing is like?

This gentleman has some words about that:

Meet Bert Henderson

Some highlights:

“…my response was to think that if I had been told that it was from, say, an issue of Astounding Science Fiction in the late 1940s I would have accepted that without question.”

“What makes this different from the average pastiche or homage is that Hart respects the material. There’s no wink, wink, nudge, nudge here.”